My 2-year-old loves books, and we try to rotate books in and out of our reading lineup based on the season/time of year. Based on research and recommendations from others + my family’s own personal favorites, here’s a list of Easter books for kids that share the Biblical story!

A Very Happy Easter – 4-7 years old – We have a Christmas book from the same authors, and it is one of our all-time favorites. I love the interactions, the illustrations, and the way the story is presented. I’m excited to read this one as a family!

Good News! It’s Easter – baby-8 years old – If author Glenys Nellist has a book, you can bet we own a copy. It says ages 4-8, but our 2-year-old loves this one. This is one of our favorites every year!

This is Easter – baby-5 years old – This one has the cutest rhyming stanzas and focuses on different elements of the Easter story. It’s a fun way to present God’s love! We read this one over and over, to the point where my toddler can finish the ends of sentences.

That Grand Easter Day – 3-8 years old – This one builds on itself and adds elements of the Easter story with each page, almost giving it a “she swallowed the cat to the eat the bird and she swallowed the bird to catch the worm…” type vibe.

The Berenstain Bears and the Easter Story – 4-9 years old – I mean come on, who doesn’t love a Berenstain Bears book? This one does a great job explaining not only why Easter is about more than chocolate bunnies and jelly beans, but it also presents different moments from the life of Jesus.

The Berenstain Bears: Easter Sunday4-9 years old- This Berenstain Bears book focuses more on what happens at church on Easter Sunday, and it even addresses the question of whether or not it’s OK to hunt eggs and eat chocolate bunnies on Easter. The church has an organ, so it’s definitely more of a traditional view, but it does a great job of being inclusive and accepting of all Christian traditions and practices surrounding Easter (both those who hunt Easter eggs and those who don’t).

The Tale of Three Trees4-150 years old – This one tells the story of Easter from a unique perspective – the tree that became the cross Jesus died on. It’s powerful and a great book for all ages to connect with the Easter story in a new way!

The Story of Easter baby – 4 years old – The clip-arty illustrations definitely make this book one for toddlers and babies. Honestly, I didn’t think I would like it as much as I did, and the handle on the side means my daughter carries it around the house to read it to her stuffed animals and Little People.

The Sparkle Egg5-8 years old – This book shares the story of a little boy named Sam, who lies about making a bad grade, then feels guilty about it for days. On Easter Sunday, he learns about forgiveness – for others and for himself.

Holy Week: An Emotions Primerbaby-4 years old – This book walks through the events (and emotions) of Holy Week and pulls straight from Scripture.

What is Easter? – 3-7 years old – Written by the creator of VeggieTales, this book gives kids a simple explanation as to why we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus with bunnies and eggs.

Easter Love Letters from God5-9 years old – This book is actually a series of letters! Each letter shares the story of one event leading up to Jesus’ life, and there is even space to personalize the letters with a child’s name!

The Garden, the Curtain, and the Cross – 4-10 years old – The great thing about this book is that it covers God’s redemptive story from the original creation to the new creation that’s yet to come. It focuses on the curtain and how everything changed once the curtain was torn in two on Good Friday.

The First Easter Day – 2-7 years old – I love that this book invites kids to use their imaginations and wonder what it would have been like to be there on that first Easter Sunday from the perspective of different animals. It’s so fun!

Snuggle Time Easter Stories baby-4 years old – This book shares about different Easter events from Scripture in a rhyming way that’s perfect for little ones.

Twas the Morning of Easter 5-10 years old – (I told you we are big Glenys Nellist fans around here). Written in the classic rhythm and rhyme of “Twas the Night Before Christmas,” this book shares the Easter story in way that’s both fresh and comfortably familiar!

Note: I have not personally read all of these books, but they came highly recommended to me.


  1. Thank you for sharing this book list! Some I have never heard of, so I’ll definitely be looking to add then to our collection at home and in our KidMin program.

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