Mother’s Day is right around the corner, and you may be wondering what to gift the women in your ministry. Since becoming a mom myself, I’ve realized the gifts moms want most are 2 things: 1) simple and 2) meaningful. So here are 3 simple but meaningful Mother’s Day gift ideas to celebrate all of the women in your church.

  1. White Carnations – Did you know the white carnation is the official flower of Mother’s Day? Anna Jarvis, the creator of Mother’s Day, used to tend a garden full of white carnations with her mother as a girl. In 1907, Anna delivered 500 white carnations to her church. She requested that each mother in the congregation get one as they arrived at church that week. Every year after that, the church upheld the tradition and continued to hand out carnations at the Mother’s Day service. Neighboring communities and churches soon took notice and began giving away white carnations at their own Mother’s Day services, too. In the mid-1940’s, carnations were dubbed the official Mother’s Day flower. You may want to give each woman at your church a white carnation, and our subscribers have access to this free download that explains the symbolism of the white carnation and makes a perfect, personal gift for Mother’s Day!
  2. Chocolate Bars – Give the moms in your ministry what they really want this Mother’s Day: chocolate! And by using a simple printable wrap like this one, kids can personalize the chocolate bars with a sweet message just for mom.
  3. Family Photo – All moms appreciate a nice family photo, and since everyone will bee dressed for church anyway, why not provide a place for a beautiful family picture right then and there? Set up a nice photo booth, photo backdrop, or photo spot in your church for Mother’s Day. You could even hire a professional photographer to take the pictures or have someone stationed there to take the pics on people’s phones. Maybe even consider offering props or signs that allow family members to write what they love about their mom for the picture!

The women in your church will love receiving any of these gifts this year! And if you’re looking to do something more for them, find Mother’s Day gifts for the 5 love languages here, consider giving them a break, or hosting an event in their honor. Put a Parents’ Night Out or another special event on the schedule and let moms know that night is just for them! They can drop their kids off and enjoy a night on their own. We just released a Minute-to-Win It-themed PNO, and you can find all of our PNO events here. Or host a red carpet night or special Bible Mom Awards event that highlights mothers in the Bible and celebrates the women in our lives today!

No matter how you do it, the mothers and mother figures in our churches deserve to be celebrated. Here are a few other resources that may help you celebrate the important women in our lives.

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