Do you choose a word of the year for yourself or your ministry? A common theme in the way you want to see God work, or a reminder for yourself? Keep your word of the year front and center with this week’s download!

Print the download below, then write in your word for 2020. Hang the printable somewhere in your office or home where you’ll see it every day. If you have a word of the year for your ministry, you could even make copies of your word for your entire volunteer team to join you in prayer around that word!

After some prayer and consideration, my word for both my personal life and for Deeper KidMin in 2020 is “change.” With baby girl arriving in February, LOTS about my personal life will change as my husband and I learn to be parents. Professionally, my life will change as I navigate working part-time at our church (as we’re about to launch a capital campaign and 3-year building project), running Deeper KidMin, and battling with finding my identity in Christ rather than in my accomplishments as a working mom.

When God first laid that word on my heart, I said, “Can I have another word please? Lord, you know change freaks me out.” I’m pretty sure God laughed, and then He reminded me that change is not a bad thing. Change means growth. Change means new experiences. Yes, change can sometimes mean letting go or adjusting a routine, but change ultimately means life. The Dead Sea is called the Dead Sea because the water lies stagnant, never changing or moving.

I’m hanging my word of the year printable on my desk to remind me that change is a GOOD thing. So when my heart rate picks up just thinking about the changes to come, even the exciting ones like having our first baby, I can remember the life change brings, especially when it comes from the one who never changes.

What’s your word for 2020?


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