2020 was quite a year, and I learned a lot. These lessons may be relevant to you, or they may not, and they vary from personal to ministry-related.

Here are 20 lessons I learned from 2020:

  1. Creativity begins at the moment we don’t know what we are doing.” – Simon Sinek
  2. Motherhood is simultaneously the most beautiful and most exhausting thing in the world.
  3. We all need each other.
  4. My worldview is smaller than I believed, and I still have more to learn.
  5. Listening to audiobooks still counts as reading.
  6. A little bit of sunshine and fresh air goes a long way.
  7. Learning doesn’t have to be formal.
  8. Change isn’t a bad thing.
  9. Playing is just as important as working.
  10. There is good to be found in every situation because God can be found in every situation.
  11. Good lighting makes a big difference.
  12. Dreaming is not the same as goal-setting, and we need to do both. (Shout out to my life and ministry coach, Joy Canupp for this one!)
  13. God has led you to your position for such a time as this, and He will continue to be faithful through it.
  14. “Time together is not the same as quality time together.” Jim Sheils
  15. Eating a lollipop while working helps me focus.
  16. Never plan in pen. 
  17. Simple doesn’t have to mean shallow.
  18. Enjoy those cookies (and pies and cakes). Just eat more vegetables too.
  19. Growth takes time, but there is beauty in the building.
  20. I have to extend the same grace to myself that I extend to others.

These are my lessons, and you may or may not agree with all of them. That’s OK. But what about you? What did you learn in 2020?


  1. Wow that list rings true to me in so many ways!! But number 19 😳🤯that is golden for me right now!
    And I’ll have to try the lollipop trick 🍭😂

  2. Love it! So many true statements! I totally concur with the “never plan in pen”!! I also found myself “downsizing” in my yearly planner this year.. Super cool (pricey) planner last year and only truly used it for three months… I totally learned the “good lighting” deal in 2020 also! THANK YOU FOR ALL THAT YOU DO!!

    • Thanks Dana! I bought a fancy expensive planner too and never really got to use it either. 🙂 Thanks for following along!

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