Last week, we did a giveaway for the latest KidMin Nation book all about volunteers. To be entered to win, you had to answer the question: “What was your favorite volunteer appreciation gift you ever gave?” I LOVED hearing all of your creative ideas (and I’ve taken notes to use some of them in the future). Here’s what all of you shared, and congrats to Kim and Jessica for winning a free copy of the book! (Didn’t win but still want a copy of Rock Stars: Inspiring a Team of Unstoppable Volunteers? Order your own copy here.)


  1. One year I led VBS and asked all the workers what their all-time favorite snack was. At the end of the week, they came to the office and were gifted with it. One person wrote that they liked pickles, and they were completed shocked that I took the effort to find a single dill pickle! In retrospect, I think it all came down to the fact that I had listened to them and came through at the end. – Belinda
  2. A gift card for a date night out to eat. It was appreciated the most. – Jami
  3. A gift card to a favorite shop. For our group, it was Barnes and Noble. – Karin
  4. A handwritten note with two Wendy’s frosty’s-for-a-year key chains. – Rose
  5. Recognition plus a small gift in front of those in our ministry. I think the public thank you meant more than the gift! – Becky
  6. I encouraged all my teachers to pray and choose a word for the year. I try to do a small encouragement each month. One month I taught myself how to stamp metal so I could give them a keychain with their chosen word. As I was making each one I prayed for that volunteer. Then I wrote a personal note to go with it. – Kim
  7. We had a small lunch and had someone come lead us in worship together. Everyone loved it. – Megan
  8. So I am new to the job- the church I am at has never actually had a children’s director. The very first thing I did was plan a children’s volunteer meeting/lunch. They had never had a meeting all together before! I also took a list of what they felt the classrooms needed and responded quickly and got their classrooms set up. – Betsy
  9. We did a volunteer hot chocolate bar around Valentine’s Day. We have 250 volunteers and it was a great way to show that we love them! We also had custom made coffee sleeves and pink heart marshmallows!! – Jessica
  10. Keychains to free frosty’s for a year from Wendy’s and a Redbox gift code for a free rental! Everyone loved it! – Jennifer
  11. DQ gift cards that were donated by DQ. Put with a thank you. Zero cost to me, but a special treat for them. – Jodi
  12. Keychains good for free Frostys for a year from Wendy’s.…because everyone loves ice cream!! – Dancy
  13. Our church serves lunch on Sundays and a pack of lunch tickets goes a long way, especially for volunteers who have children and families staying for lunch. Not showy but practical. – Frank
  14. A handwritten note of thanks during an unexpected time of the year. Our volunteers were overwhelmed by the gesture, since receiving appreciation wasn’t something that had been implemented in a long time. – Anna
  15. We do a taco night and make our leaders tacos and dessert to say thank you. I also gave them cupcakes on childrens pastor cupcake day. – Kristen
  16. I find personal thank yous have been received the best, I have given Sonic $5 cards– those things seem to be very appreciated. It is an area I know I need to improve on! – LifePoint Kids
  17. My wife and I make jelly and give each member of our team a jar every year with a little note attached! Just this past Sunday a couple who leads a Kindergarten group said their daughter was so sad because they just finished off their jelly this week. – Tim
  18. A meal out! It really was more about the fellowship time together than the food. – Jamie
  19. Lots of thank you’s and a meal from Olive Garden! – Norma
  20. This is my first year being in charge. Last year, our leader did an awesome breakfast for us before the church service. – Claudia
  21. I like to bless my Awana Directors for their incredible service at the end of each club year. I usually will give out gift cards for restaurants etc but one particular volunteer had a rough year and was still steadfast in her service. Her love language was quality time, so I purchased the same value gift card to a Spa nearby. I purchased one for myself as well and we enjoyed a lovely spa day together. Filled both our love tanks and refreshed our mind, body and hearts as well! it was a win! – J
  22. The ones that aren’t tied to a holiday! The unexpected ones! One day I just mailed my volunteers a $5 gift card with a personal note. And it was the note that meant the world to them!!!! The personal note and the use of snail mail! – Niki
  23. I like to give each of my volunteers a loaf of my homemade banana bread. It’s a favorite, they look forward to it. – Teresa
  24. Several of you send personal, handwritten notes!
    1. I send handwritten notes of thanks to my volunteers through the mail. Everyone loves receiving happy mail! – Kimberly
    2. I find a handwritten and personal note written from me affirming their gifts, skills and talents is appreciated the most (sweet treats are usually included with the note of thanks). – Leann
    3. Handwritten notes, it’s personal and shows your appreciation. – Bridget
    4. I write handwritten notes to ALL my volunteers (125+) at least once a year when they’re not expecting it! – Amanda

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