Are you looking for ways to add some variety to your regular annual Easter Egg Hunt? Use these 4 ideas to change up your egg hunts and provide a whole new hunt experience!

  1. Glow in the Dark Egg Hunt – Stuff your eggs with glow sticks or finger lights, then wait for the sun to go down, and hunt for glowing eggs in the dark! This is a popular and really fun way to add variety to your egg hunt. The first year we hosted a Glow in the Dark Egg Hunt, one family had to miss it, and the kids were so disappointed they asked mom to re-create it for them at home! (Psst – if you want to host a Glow in the Dark Egg Hunt, we’ve done the planning for you! See the details here.
  2. Colored Egg Hunt – This hunt works great if you have multiple ages hunting at the same time. In this type of egg hunt, certain ages can pick up certain colors of eggs. For example, your 4th and 5th graders can only pick up orange eggs. Your 2nd and 3rd graders can only pick up green eggs, and your Kindergarten and 1st graders can only pick up blue eggs! This allows you to also hide the eggs for the older kids with more difficulty and helps ensure that the big kids aren’t taking all of the eggs away from the littles.
  3. Numbered Egg Hunt – Before the event, use a Sharpie to write numbers on your plastic Easter eggs. You can choose to write grade numbers on the eggs or write one of each number (so each child searches for their specific number). If you’re numbering eggs by grade, you can better monitor how many eggs each age group picks up, and it forces kids to slow down a little bit as they hunt for the correct number. For specific numbering, kids receive a name tag/badge with a number on it at check-in. During the hunt itself, kids will search for the egg with ONLY their number on it. So if a child has a name tag/badge with the number 17 on it, they will only pick up the egg with number 17 on it.
  4. Lettered Egg Hunt – Before the event, choose a phrase that relates to your overall theme of the event, then write one letter on each egg to spell out that message (do this for every child in attendance). You can share this special phrase with the kids on paper, on a screen, or even in their very own special message egg carton baskets (free tutorial on making these baskets here). During the hunt, kids will search for the eggs with letters than correspond to the letters in the phrase. Kids continue hunting for the specific letters until they’ve spelled out the special phrase!

Plus, you can COMBINE these styles for even more fun! In our Jesus is Light Glow in the Dark Egg Hunt resource, we combined styles 1, 3, and 4 to provide a numbered glow in the dark egg hunt that seamlessly feeds into a lettered glow in the dark egg hunt. Learn more about hosting this special Glow in the Dark Egg Hunt here.

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