If you’re using a lettered hunt at your Easter Egg Hunt this year, you may want to also provide each child with a special message egg carton basket like this one to help them find the correct letters! Learn more about hosting a lettered egg hunt here, and follow the instructions below to make the accompanying egg carton baskets.

1) Collect empty egg cartons (1 per child), remove the lids, and attach pipe cleaners to the sides to act as handles. If you’re using styrofoam egg cartons, you can just poke the pipe cleaners through them; if you have cardboard egg cartons, you may need to use scissors to poke the hole first.

2) Fold the long edges of a green piece of paper so each edge meets in the center. Then cut small slits down both the folded sides. Glue the paper to the bottom of the carton so the cut edges fold up around the sides to look like grass.

3) Choose a special Easter message that has 12 letters or less. Use a sharpie or circle stickers with letters to label each egg spot in the carton with one letter. If your message has less than 12 letters, use a symbol like a cross or a heart for the extra spaces.

4) During the hunt, children will find eggs with the corresponding letters and place them in their egg carton baskets until they’ve found enough eggs to complete the whole message! (Note: You’ll need to write the letters on your eggs before the event for this to work.)

We used these special message egg carton baskets for our Jesus is Light Glow in the Dark Egg Hunt! Kids had a blast not only hunting for the correct letters, but also hunting in a field of glowing eggs! Learn more about this special Easter event here.

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