around the town egg hunt

Kim, a kidmin leader in Virginia, recently shared about her team’s idea for an around-the-town egg hunt, and I couldn’t wait to learn more!

Normally, Kim and her team host a big community event with over 2,000 eggs. They usually promote the event on lots of different platforms and hold the event during a community farmers market that is held across the street. That obviously wasn’t an option this year as we continue through the global pandemic. Kim said…

“We always target the community with our Easter egg hunt, but this year I felt like we needed to focus on our own families and gently leading them back to the building and back into Christian activities.”

Even as she’s focusing on her church families rather than the community, Kim is finding that a lot of them are inviting their friends to the around-the-town egg hunt, so that’s a huge win!

Here’s how the around-the-town egg hunt will work:

Kim is going to laminate the eggs (pictured above) and post them at local businesses in a place that can easily be seen from inside a car (that way families don’t have to load and unload from their vehicle). Families will get clues about where the eggs are hidden and be encouraged to drive around town to find them all.

Kids try to guess where the stops are based on the clues. They will travel to 5 different locations around town (hence the name), looking for the eggs and using the words on the eggs to complete a Bible verse message (John 14:6). After they find all 5 eggs, they’ll be directed to a “prize stop” where the kids get to pick up a prize bag that includes a family devotional, other goodies, a flashlight, and an invitation to join the church’s egg hunt in the dark event the following week.

The Around-the-Town Egg Hunt is just 1 of 4 smaller Easter events Kim and her team are hosting for their families this year. The 4 smaller events include a take-home kit pick-up, egg decorating, the around-the-town egg hunt, and an indoor Easter event with stations, flashlight egg hunts, and crafts (by appointment only). Kim said…

“Our church reopened in July and we’re allowed to have nursery services, but we’re still without Sunday school, so many families have not returned.  My goal with 4 smaller events was to get families doing “churchy” things all month.”

What a fun way to engage families this Easter while keeping everyone safe! Thanks, Kim, for letting me share your creative idea!

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  1. Do families start out with all the clues or do they receive them after finding eggs?

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