Any candy that doesn’t get passed out on Halloween or at the Fall Fest comes home to live with me (and it doesn’t last very long).

So this year, I decided to find a new home for all that leftover candy, and my waistline will thank me for it. You can get all that sugary goodness out of your house too AND let your volunteers know how much you appreciate them at the same time. Talk about a win-win! Use these free printable labels for 12 different candy bars to remind your volunteers how awesome they are using fun size or mini-size candy.

Even if you don’t have much candy left over after October 31, the local stores will have all of their Halloween candy on sale, so grab it at a great price to keep your budget way down. I picked up some Avery Easy Peel Address Labels, printed them, and stuck them right on the candy bars. Works for fun size or mini size candy.

Leave your labeled appreciation candy out this Sunday to give your volunteers an extra treat! There are 12 different candy bar types included in the downloadable printable. (And if all of your volunteers love a particular candy bar that isn’t in my printable, let me know! I can probably pull something together for you!)

Maybe your volunteers will feel so loved, they’ll show up EARLY next week!

Happy Appreciating!

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