Share this prayer activity with the kids and families in your ministry to help them start the school year with intentional prayer! Kids can make the spinners as part of a back-to-school activity/lesson at church or complete the entire thing at home.

Supplies (per child)

  • Color Prayer Spinner Printable
  • scissors
  • brad/split pin
  • paper clip
  • coloring utensils

How it works:

Kids create the spinner, then spin it! Whatever color it lands on, kids pray that prompt and color in the wedge. They can do one wedge a day or color in the whole spinner in one sitting. Either way, they’re encouraged to pray and think intentionally about their school year ahead!

This activity comes from our Back-To-School Color Prayer Journal for Kids, a printable, colorable prayer journal for kids to help them start the school year with prayer. The journal matches each color with a scripture verse and specific prayer prompt for kids to pray about the year ahead. Learn more here.

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