I’ve shared before about what I like to include in Christmas Eve worship activity bags (we called them Praise Packs) to use during an intergenerational Christmas Eve service, but what if you included resources for families to use at home AFTER the service is over? Providing additional resources, ideas, or even a simple family devotion can help families focus on Christ this Christmas and celebrate the real reason for the season. Here are a few ideas you could include in your Family Christmas Eve Bags to keep the celebration going even after the Christmas Eve service is over…

  • Movie Night Kit – Kids love snuggling up under some blankets for a Christmas movie. Tie together a bag of popcorn, some Christmas candy, a candy cane, and some hot cocoa packets to make a “Christmas Eve Movie Night Kit” for families to enjoy together.
  • Happy Birthday Jesus Party Supplies – Provide streamers, party hats, and maybe even some cake mix and icing for families to throw a birthday party for Jesus! If you want a full list of ideas + a sweet family devotion to go along with the party, check out our Christmas Eve to Remember Bags here or our Birthday Party for Jesus Kits here. Pro Tip from the Christmas Eve to Remember Bags: If you’re doing this, send home microwaveable mug cake mixes. They come 3 in a pack, so you save money, plus families will actually have time to use them on Christmas Eve!)
  • Family Devotion – Maybe it’s a family devotion for Christmas morning (like the one included in our Christmas Eve to Remember Bags), or maybe it’s a family devotion that takes them into the New Year (like the one in our Follow the Star: Wise Men on the Move resource). Maybe it’s even a grand finale to your Advent calendar. What can you include that helps equip parents to disciple their kids this Christmas season?
  • Ways to make memories as a family – You could share a Christmas light scavenger hunt list (Pinterest has tons), a Christmas traditions list, or even a “my gift to Jesus printable” for families to complete and snap a picture with!
  • Family Game – Families love having fun together! Can you provide a simple, silly family game like Christmas Mad Libs or Christmas Memory Match? The key is to keep time commitment and supplies minimal for this game, as Christmas Eve is already a full and busy day.
  • Christmas Book – We love Good News! It’s Christmas for littles, and Twas the Evening of Christmas is a great option for older kids!
  • Christmas Coloring/Activity Pages – Printable activity pages like these free ones give kids something fun to work on while they wait for the cookies to bake, or you could offer a simple nativity coloring page. We even have a beautiful 15-page printable Christmas Coloring Book or a 30-page Christmas activity book/story book combo!

No matter what you include in your Family Christmas Eve bags, try to keep the activities simple enough for families to complete on Christmas Eve (an already busy day), and focus on things that can help them make memories together.


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  2. This was incredibly helpful! Thank you for gathering all these resources in one place!

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