We’ve all been there. You turn around for one second and sweet little Johnny in the preschool class pours the bowl of glue all over his hands and is proceeding to lick it off his fingers. (You’re also sure the 1 tsp of glue you put in the bowl has somehow multiplied in a twisted Jesus-feeds-the-5,000 kind of way.) Or you’re cleaning up the elementary craft area and you have to throw away 3/4 of the glue sticks because the caps are either missing or not tight enough to keep the glue from drying out. The ones that ARE left are covered in hair, yarn, and every kidmin leader’s favorite: glitter.

Well hold onto your craft supplies, my friends, because these little inventions will change your life.

Glue Dots are exactly what they sound like: small adhesive dots of glue that can be used for crafts, gifts, and so much more. They’re like the glue version of stickers, so kids love using them, and they are so easy to use. No messy glue spills, no hairy glue sticks, and they are completely clear so they don’t show at all.

If you haven’t invested in some Glue Dots, you’re really missing out. If Glue Dots are already stocked on your shelves, well done.

Here are some of the ideas I use Glue Dots for…

*Note: I have not been paid or asked by Glue Dots to endorse them. I just think they’re a really great supply every KidMin leader should have on hand.


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