Whether you’re the church that embraces Halloween or ignores it, the holiday (and all its candy) still comes around every year. This year, you can use these gospel-focused pumpkin boxes from Let the Little Children Come to pass out candy AND share about the gospel!

These cute little pumpkin boxes come as flat sheets that you punch out and fold into shape. They’re super easy to assemble (you could even have the kids help you do it!), and there’s just enough space inside the pumpkin box to hold a couple pieces of candy.

Most importantly, the box helps kids answer the question, “Is there anything better than candy?” by explaining the gospel message of God’s love and Jesus’ death and resurrection. It uses kid-friendly language and bright colors to explain to kids how they can be with God now and forever, and it even includes a prayer prompt. As kids unfold the pumpkin box, they unfold the story of the gospel.

How can you use them in your ministry? The finished boxes look adorable, and you could use them as decorations for your fall event before sending them home with families as a take-home gift. Or hand them out at your Fall Fest or community event as treats or prizes for attendees. You could even pass out several copies of the pumpkin box to your families and encourage them to hand them out on Halloween night.

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