Using Scripture, kids can understand who they are because of who God says they are. Unless kids hear and embrace the truths God declares about them, they will not come to a full understanding of who they are in Christ and will never reach their full God-given potential. Use this simple activity as a way to remind kids who they are in Christ!

Give a copy of the download above to kids and invite them to draw a self-portrait. Above and around their self-portrait, kids should write some of the words or phrases from the Identity in Christ Truths List included in the download. Kids can hang up their self-portrait somewhere at home to remind them about who they are in Christ!

This activity comes from the review lesson of the Identity Kids series, a 13-week curriculum that teaches kids important truths about where their identity comes from. See individual lessons (including lesson 1 as a free sample!) from this series here, and find the full series here.

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