Give kids the experience of prayer journaling using this free prayer journal printable! This activity can easily fit into any lesson or small group time, although it was created for the Journey Through Jonah 8-week series.

Supplies: prayer journal printable, writing utensils, (optional: soft worship music in the background)

Details: Explain to kids that one of the ways we can pray to God is through using a journal. Give each kid a prayer journal printable. Play quiet worship music in the background and have kids fill out their first prayer journal sheet. Older kids can write in their answers, and younger children can draw pictures of their prayers. If they need direction or help, have volunteers on standby. It’s a great idea to print several more so kids can take some home to use during the week.

This printable and activity are an excerpt from Week 5 in the Journey Through Jonah 8-week series that helps kids discover truths about God, the gospel, and grace. See the full 8-week series here.

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