For one of our VBS days this year, we needed a toilet paper blower to help us show the kids how exciting it is to spread God’s goodness (full object lesson idea here)! Making one is easier than you think, and you probably already have the supplies you need laying around in your garage.


  • leaf blower (electric or battery-powered so it turns on with a button or switch, not a gas leaf blower you have to crank)
  • paint roller (without the brush/sponge)
  • tape (I used painter’s tape because we were borrowing the leaf blower, but you can use duct tape if your leaf blower’s transformation into a toilet paper blower will be permanent)
  • toilet paper (or crepe paper streamers!)

Make It Yourself: 

  1. Tape the paint roller to the top or bottom of the open end of your leaf blower. Secure with the tape well.
  2. Slide the toilet paper rolls onto the paint roller. Pro tip: If your paint roller is on the top side of your leaf blower, you want to make sure the rolls roll under. If your paint roller is on the bottom side of your leaf blower, you want to make sure the rolls roll over. If you’re using crepe paper streamers, be sure to punch out the middle of the streamers so they can slide onto the paint roller.
  3. Make sure the rolls of toilet paper/streamers are started and have a little bit dangling off.
  4. Turn on your leaf blower and let the toilet paper fly!
  5. Watch the laughter and smiles as the crowd/room is covered instantly in toilet paper or streamers.

Take a look at the full object lesson about how we used our toilet paper blowers (and streamers) to teach kids about spreading God’s goodness here.

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