Use this streamers object lesson with any verse about God’s goodness, love, or sharing the good news and show kids how exciting it is to spread God’s goodness and celebrate Him! (Adapted from Group’s 2019 ROAR VBS curriculum.)


  • streamer throwers, one per small group leader/crew leader (I used these – since they’re streamers, not confetti, there’s less of a mess but still a great visual!)
  • toilet paper blower (learn how to make your own here)
  • optional: crepe paper streamers instead of toilet paper


Everything we do, think, or say has the power to show people that our God is a good, good God. When we’re kind to our friends, we show God’s kindness. When we are grateful to our parents, we show God’s gratitude. When we forgive our siblings, we show God’s forgiveness.

When we show God’s goodness to others, it’s like throwing streamers/confetti and celebrating God. (Hand out streamer throwers to leaders) But hmm, I don’t think your little streamers are enough. (go off stage and pull out the toilet paper blower, with toilet paper or crepe paper streamers)

Let’s see what happens when we share God’s goodness with one another. Let’s count to three and say, “God is good!” And when we say “God is good!,” leaders, I want you to release your streamers!

(Count to 3, shout “God is good!” and have leaders release streamers while you blow the toilet paper/streamers all over the crowd. Allow for excitement, laughter, and for things to calm back down)

What happened when we did that? Because of all the goodness, the room filled with laughter and excitement! (Hold up streamers.) God’s goodness changes everything. It changed this room, it can change us, it can change someone’s life, and it can change the whole world.

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