Since we’ve shared the news with family + made the announcement official, I’ve got baby on the brain! This week, I’m sharing the Nursery Care Checklist Printable we used to gather important information for the little ones in our nursery and to help parents feel at ease leaving their baby in our care.

For your regulars:

Print a copy for each child in your nursery and complete the top section. (Tip: Using a sharpie means the writing can be seen easier from a distance!) Then laminate each one, inviting parents to use expo or white board markers to add instructions each week. Place these laminated sheets with each child’s diaper bag for easy access to the child’s needs while they are in your care, and hold onto them throughout the week for cleaning and updates. Option: We put our laminated checklists on clipboards – easier for parents to fill out and we could hang them over the child’s diaper bag for even easier viewing!

For visitors:

Keep laminated, blank copies on hand for guests and visitors. Using an Expo or white board marker on the laminated sheets allows them to be used, wiped clean, and used again next week.

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