Since we celebrate Palm Sunday every year, it can be difficult to come up with new crafts each time, but this one has been my favorite “outside of the box” palm craft idea! It’s super simple, takes minimal prep work, and makes a pretty palm branch!


Prep: Cut green scrapbook paper or different shades of green paper into 1 inch squares.

Do: Give each child a Palm Branch Craft Printable. Spread out the green scrapbook squares and glue sticks, and help children glue the green squares onto the lines on the printable to make a palm leaf.

It’s still a palm leaf for this special Sunday, but it’s a little bit different! Plus, it’s great for helping younger kids develop fine motor skills.

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  1. […] We watched our church’s kid’s program online together and then gathered at the dining room table for some fun crafts and scripture reading. They had a coloring page and decorated their palm branches with cut out pieces of green paper. (You can find that free printable here!) […]

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