Just like pin-the-tail on the donkey, but with a Not So Spooky twist! Children will be blindfolded, spun 3 times, and will try to place a spider on a web picture hanging on the wall. Use this printable to make this game, or create your own. Play at church or equip families with their own at-home Fall Fest resource! 


  1. Print off the spider web (included in printable) using specific printer settings to blow it up to poster-size (instructions included in printable). Print off the page with the spiders using normal settings. Print more spiders as needed (one per child).
  2. Tape/glue your web together (by itself or on a poster board) and cut out the spiders.
  3. Hang your web on the wall at child-height, grab some blindfolds and tape, and get ready to play!



  1. Blindfold the child (some preschoolers may choose to not be blindfolded – this is OK) and gently spin them 3 times.
  2. Give the blindfolded child a spider with tape on it and point him in the direction of the web.
  3. Cheer for every child as they place the spider on the web.
  4. Whoever places their spider closest to the center of the web wins!

Want to see this activity used in a full fall-themed lesson? Check out Not So Spooky, a fall-fest style lesson about fear and Isaiah 41:10! Learn more here.

Use this fall fest take-home kit to share this game with your families to play at home! It will help families study Isaiah 41:10 together and talk about fear. Learn more here.

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