Here’s a splashy twist on a familiar game for your summer series or lesson on Jonah! This activity can easily fit into any lesson or small group time, although it was originally created for the Journey Through Jonah 8-week series.

Supplies: Pin the Tail on the Whale Printable (with tails cut out), tape, blindfolds

Details: This is a simple activity that plays off the classic “Pin the Tail on the Donkey” party game. Have kids blindfolded, spin them around, and then walk to place the tail on the whale. For an added twist, have them share one fact about Jonah and his story before they can take a turn. The person to get the tail closest to the actual location is the winner!

This printable and activity are an excerpt from Week 5 in the Journey Through Jonah 8-week series that helps kids discover truths about God, the gospel, and grace. See the full 8-week series here.

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