Mother’s Day 2020 will look vastly different than in years past thanks to COVID-19 and quarantines. So how can you honor the women and mothers in your church while maintaining a safe social distance? I learned about these ideas from a live webinar in Jessica Bealer’s Don’t Quit Ministry Support FaceBook Group and had to share!

  • Donut Delivery – Did you know that Dunkin Donuts delivers? They’ve partnered with Grub Hub to deliver as few as half a dozen donuts in and around participating locations. Send a breakfast treat to your moms and remind them you “donut” know what you’d do without them! Find out if your Dunkin location is participating here.
  • Pop Cards – I know, I know, moms always get cards for Mother’s Day, but what if you splurged a bit and sent the moms in your ministry special Pop Up cards that are almost like works of art? Pop Cards like these are beautiful and really aren’t that much more expensive than a small gift or a $5 gift card.
  • Notes from Kids – This one is classic and still do-able even during quarantine. Share printables or coloring pages like these with your families to help kids show some love to the special women in their lives. Leaders email the pdfs, families print, kids color, and ta-da! A Mother’s Day card or poster from the kids is ready to go!
  • Social Media Campaign – Lots of high schools are doing something like this to honor their 2020 seniors, and you can do it for the moms in your ministry too! Check out the free social media Mother’s Day templates we created here. Ask families to share a picture (and maybe even a short note/quote), insert the pics into your favorite template, then share on your church’s social media pages throughout Mother’s Day weekend.
  • Starbucks QR Code – Follow the instructions here to set up and share a QR code with the moms in your ministry that lets them grab a drink on you! Send out the QR code via email or share on social media to wish moms a Happy Mother’s Day and to remind them you miss them “a latte”.
  • Front Porch Pictures – Do you have any professional photographers in your congregation or area? Commission them to visit families’ homes for a quick 15-minute photo shoot on the front porch! Invite families to sign up for a time slot ahead of time, then share their information with your photographers, who drive to each family’s home to snap a couple of high-quality pictures on the family’s front porch. Mom gets a beautiful memento of a unique Mother’s Day without even leaving the house.
  • Mom’s Zoom Call – Host a special moms-only Zoom call on Saturday before mother’s day. Invite the moms to grab their coffee, tea, or other drink of choice and join you for a time of laid-back fun and fellowship. You can facilitate a conversation, bring in a special speaker for the call (like Joy Canupp), or even play some games! Make this time all about them and give them an opportunity to connect with other moms. Social distancing doesn’t have to mean relational distancing!
  • Sharing Mom’s Story – Send moms a prompt, printable, or book to encourage them to share their life story with their family. They can use this prompt to document special instances and details of their lives that kids can cherish for years to come.
  • Meal Plans – Put together some quick and easy meal plans or recipes that even dad and the kids can pull off. Share them with your families to give mom a night off. (Need some help compiling recipes? The ones we use in our Fishes and Loaves Kids Service Project are kid-friendly and easy!)
  • IOU Voucher – As you mail cards to moms, include a special note or business card that acts as an IOU for your first Sunday back at church. Invite moms to join you for your first in-person Sunday and turn in the card for a special gift, like a tshirt, coffee mug, gift card, and more.
  • Donate – Donate money to a charity or mission partner in their name, letting them know about the gift with a beautiful graphic or postcard.

So what about you? What will you do for the moms in your ministry to celebrate this unique Mother’s Day?

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