We can all recognize that the world of technology keeps changing and the digital age is here to stay. Therefore, we should be committed to ensuring that we embrace modern methods of communication and sharing the gospel. But we also understand that some digital methods of communication require regulation so that they can be more effective and so we can ensure the safety and integrity of our teams and our families.

This free social media policy template provides guidelines for church staff, volunteers, and leaders when using social media tools on behalf of or in the role of your children’s ministry. These policies are set in place to protect the children, families, volunteers, and leaders of your ministry when engaging in digital discipleship.

Want to go deeper? Here’s an online training that guides you step-by-step through building and running a social ministry strategy for your children’s ministry so you can use social media to effectively reach and disciple the families you serve. This sample social media policy is one of the several bonus resources that is included! Learn more here.

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