Use this winter scavenger hunt to help remind kids that God made each snowflake special and unique – just like them!


  • Print one Snowflake Scavenger Hunt List per child.
  • Print one copy of each snowflake.
  • Cut out the snowflakes and hide/tape them around the room.


  • Give each child a pen/pencil and a clipboard with the Snowflake Scavenger Hunt List.
  • Invite them to look for the snowflakes hidden around the room. When they find a snowflake, they should cross it off their list and leave it behind for a friend.
  • Remind kids that each snowflake is unique, and God made them uniquely too!

Want to see this activity used as an object lesson on Ephesians 2:10? Check out PNO (Winter Edition): Let It Snow – a download with everything you need to host a win-win-win-win event. 

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