Kids eat (and love) candy. So why not use candy to help them learn about God? Pack some sweet goody bags for the kids in your ministry this fall, then attach this easy printable to relate the treats with the Bible! Give them out at your Fall Event, as part of your fall fest take-home kit, or as part of the Not So Spooky Lesson!


  • Fun size M&M’s
  • Fun size Starbursts
  • Fun size Laffy Taffy
  • Fun size Almond Joy
  • Blow Pops
  • Fun Size Milky Way
  • Ziploc bag or fall-themed goody bag
  • This printable!

Put one piece of each candy in the bag. Print the pages double-sided and cut the sheet into quarters so each quarter sheet has the sweet verses on one side and the poem instructions on the other. Attach (staple, ribbon, etc.) the Goody Bag Printable to the bag of candy, and you’re ready to go!

This printable is included in the Not So Spooky lesson as the take-home activity for kids and families! Check it out now and help your kids remember they are never alone because God is always with them.

An updated version of this printable is included as part of the Family Devotion in our Fall Fest Take-Home Kits! In this resource, you equip your families to host their own fall fun night at home and learn about Isaiah 41:10 together. Learn more here.

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