Tell me you’re planning an Easter Event without telling me you’re planning an Easter event.

I’ll go first.

One time I experimented with roasting Peeps instead of regular marshmallows for an Easter-themed s’more snack. 😂

Your turn! I posed that question in some popular children’s ministry Facebook groups last week and had a BLAST reading through all of the answers! Here are some of my favorites:

  • “I am trying to calculate the total weight of 1,000 filled plastic eggs and trying to decide if I can lift them myself (if they all fit in one container).”
  • “I asked my congregation to donate over 10,000 plastic eggs.”
  • “I just bought around $200 worth of chocolate chips and mini eggs.”
  • “I took buckets of sand from the playground (so people can walk through a tomb with their bare feet).”
  • “Instead of a ball pit, I could have an egg pit!” #eggseverywhere – (Honestly though, this sounds like a lot of fun!)
  • “I just placed a $250 Oriental Trading Order.”
  • “I have a list of random objects I need to locate today (for our Easter Jam skits)…. Like a crutch, stuffed lamb, rain ponchos and the biggest piece of cardboard I can find!!!”
  • “My office is barely walking-room-only with all the egg hunt supplies.”
  • “I asked our church for all of their brown packing paper from their Amazon orders.” (to make Jesus’ tomb and hill with three crosses as part of a walk-through experience)
  • One, Two, Three by Yancy”
  • “I ordered 2,000 Easter eggs and they came in parts. Now my family is matching sides in our spare time.”
  • “My senior-in-high-school son is walking around the house wearing an Easter Bunny head.”
  • “I learned that plastic eggs can be washed in a washer on the gentle/hand wash cycle after finding our eggs stored in opened containers in a shed that isn’t completely closed off to animals and the elements.”
  • “I may have accidentally eaten bags of chocolate eggs that weren’t mine, oops. (I mean, a kids’ pastor has to make sure everything’s safe to give out, right?)”
  • “I’m googling science experiments to do with Peeps.”
  • “My grocery pick-up order included 1200 plastic eggs and 150 candy necklaces.”
  • “I got a slightly bedraggled huge sofa box and painted it for hours and hours so we could all spend 3 “days” in the tomb, one kid at a time.”
  • “Last year at Easter, my office was filled with 100 empty egg cartons people had donated for our Resurrection Eggs event.”
  • “I spent my afternoon measuring the diameter of plastic easter eggs.”

Who knew children’s ministry would require so much measuring, calculations, and random supply-hunting? 😊 Whether your Easter events are already finished or you’re in the throes of preparation, we hope this post puts a smile on your face and reminds you you’re not the only one swimming through plastic eggs. You’re not alone, and we’re praying for you as we head into Easter weekend.

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