Help your kids express their thanks to God through written word by giving them this Thankfulness Log Printable!

Print one Thankfulness Log per child, and encourage kids to use it throughout the week to write down the things, people, places, food, etc. they are thankful for. Use it as part of your Thanksgiving lesson or as a take-home activity this fall.

Want an entire lesson on being thankful and Psalm 136? Week 7 in the 8-week Scavenger Hunt Through The Psalms Series helps kids engage with this Psalm on a deeper level! Learn more about this interactive unit here

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  1. […] Form Habits of Thankfulness – I use this One-Line-A-Day Memory Journal as a gratitude journal, and each night before bed, I write down at least 3 things I was thankful for that day. This ritual has become part of my bedtime routine, and while kids may not write down daily thanks, finding ways to incorporate thankfulness in daily lives will help gratitude come more naturally. Maybe that means writing thank you notes every time a child receives a gift or card. Maybe that’s asking “What are you thankful for today?” every night at bedtime. Whatever the habit is, kids can include gratitude year-round, not just during the Thanksgiving season. (And if your kids like to write/journal, check out our free Thankfulness Log!) […]

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