If you’re like me, it’s crunch time. There are 13 days and counting until our VBS week, so VBS is just about all I can think about these days. That’s why I’m PUMPED to share some of the best VBS resources from Jen Kline over at (aptly-named) The Best VBS. Here are some of my favorite posts or resources from Jen’s site:

1. 45 Ideas for VBS Directors – I mean who doesn’t want a fully-curated list of 45 ideas for VBS? This list covers everything from decorating tips (like what kind of tape to use to make things stick without ripping up the wall) to thoughtful volunteer appreciation gifts (free food!) to organizing tips that help you stay sane. Explore all 45 ideas here. Who knows? Maybe you’ll find creative inspiration for that last pesky task or decoration you’ve been trying to tackle.

2. 8 Things Your VBS Director Wants You To Know – This is the post to share with your volunteers. Jen helps you say everything you want to say to your team. It will give you ALL THE FEELS + remind you and your volunteers why they’re so important. Read it here. (And download the free printable version to share with your team!)

3. 8 Tips for Thriving Your First Year of VBS – I love that the focus is thriving (not just surviving) your first year! This is a post for all the rookies (and veterans, honestly). These tips will make you laugh, take a deep breath, and keep the purpose of VBS in mind as you try to keep all the plates spinning. Read these tips here.

4. VBS Planning Challenge – This FREE email course helps you get organized, stay on schedule, delegate, and communicate as you prepare for VBS. Whether your VBS is 1 week away or 1 month away, this awesome resource helps you reduce your VBS stress! Plus, joining the challenge means you get a discount on the VBS Master To-Do List Workbook, so what have you got to lose?

In addition to The Best VBS, Jen also just started her own graphic design company, and she’s created some incredible VBS-2019-themed downloads! Check out her VBS 2019 name tag templates here, and find all of Jen’s downloadable resources here.

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