I’m already a fan of Anne Marie Gosnell and her books on object lessons for kids (check out the OT object lessons book here) so when I heard she wrote an object lesson book all about the life of Jesus, I couldn’t wait to check it out!

Victory in Jesus did not disappoint. The 21 interactive object lessons are written for kids ages 5-12, and they’re designed to last 20-30 minutes. That may seem like a long time for one object lesson, but several of the lessons also include background information (so you can teach the story in context), geography information (so kids know where the story happens), and a life application (so kids know why it’s relevant). I love these additional resources with each object lesson to help round out the lesson and give kids a deeper understanding of the big picture of Jesus’ life.

The object lessons focus on the life and ministry of Jesus, and they cover everything from the annunciation to Jesus in the Wilderness to the Beatitudes to the Resurrection to when Jesus commissioned the disciples to everything in between.

Anne Marie Gosnell’s heart for helping kids understand the Bible shows through in each of her object lessons. With intentionally interactive elements and objects kids interact with on a daily basis, this book offers excellent ideas on helping kids understand who Jesus is and how we can have victory and salvation through Him.

If you’re looking for a book to use with your ministry or with your own kids, I highly recommend you check out Victory in Jesus!

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