We learned earlier in the week how kids are wired uniquely and what we can do to engage them. Today is all about how kids are developmentally wired for learning.

The speed at which their little brains absorb and process new information is unlike any other stage of life. This is great news for us! Their minds are already ready for the truths we want to teach them. But that doesn’t mean every child is developmentally ready for every truth.

While children may progress through stages of learning at different rates, they tend to follow the same patterns of development from birth to the preteen years, and when we engage kids based on their developmental stage, we can take better aim at the dartboard.

Use this week’s download to gain a general overview of a child’s characteristics in each stage and what that means for a practical application to ministry.  Include this information in your volunteer training to really set up your team for success. 

If you want to read more about developmental stages and how they influence spiritual formation in children, I recommend the book Christian Formation: Integrating Theology and Human Development by James Estep and Jonathan Kim. 

Want to include this developmental stages information in your overall volunteer training? Check out Put Me In, Coach – a complete resource to help you host a 1-hour, all-star volunteer training that teaches, equips, and inspires your volunteer team.

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