I’ve seen lots of questions in various kidmin Facebook groups this year about alternative Easter event options different from the typical egg hunt. I love the creativity those conversations are sparking! Based on the conversations I’ve seen with ideas from leaders like you, here are a few alternative egg hunt ideas to help you and your families celebrate Easter!

  1. Neighborhood Egg Hunt or Around the Town Egg Hunt – This idea requires neighborhood involvement, but it’s so fun! Encourage families to hang a printable/poster of an Easter egg on their front doors. They could even have kids cut and color the Easter egg sign out of poster or even printer paper (craft time!). Then, as families walk around the neighborhood, they can “hunt” for the eggs on the front doors of their neighbors and see how many they can find. Find 5 free egg coloring sheets here!
  2. Send the egg hunt home! Send eggs and your planned activities home with families to do on their own, with a little lesson or devotional time to go with it. Here are a few ideas for sending the egg hunt home:
  3. Movie Night – One leader said: “We started doing a movie night at a local theatre. We rented the theatre and paid for popcorn. Anything else they wanted they could purchase on their own. This year we are going to be having a few movie nights and they will be at local schools, since we maxed out the theatre last year. Parents love it because they can bring their younger kids and we expect it to be a little noisy/have kids moving around.”
  4. Lego-Themed Easter Event – “We did a Lego Easter Family event this past year. We did some lego-themed games, watched the lego recreation of the Easter story then had parents lead the Easter devotions and pick an Easter scene to create out of legos. We left the lego scenes up for the whole church to see on Sunday. It was a hit for kids and parents alike!”
  5. Peep-A-Pallooza – “Basically a bunch of stations centered around peeps with the tag line of “Tell your peeps about Jesus.” “We have peep races… peep eating contest… a peep toss… peep relay race and anything else we can use peeps for. I use a saying during the event along the lines of Good peeps tell other peeps about Jesus!”
  6. Walk in the Light Easter Event – A unique Easter event for the whole family that invites them to decorate paper lanterns and “walk in the light”! Learn more here
  7. Egg Outreach – “We are doing an Easter egg outreach this year instead of our usual massive egg hunt with the hope of bringing the egg hunt and the gospel TO the community rather than them coming to us. We’ll be packing 500+ resurrection egg kits. Church members will reserve their kits in advance, and then “egg” their neighbors. They’ll leave eggs filled with candy plus one empty egg that represents the empty tomb, along with an invitation to Easter services and an explanation of the gospel at their neighbor’s door.”
  8. Glow in the Dark Egg Hunt – “We’re in Colorado and have done our Easter Egg Hunts indoors due to weather. With that being said – we make ours a lot of fun and turn it into a Glow in the dark hunt but the goal of our event is outreach/wide community focused/creating a space where people can invite friends who don’t know Jesus. (Psst – if you want help hosting your own Glow in the Dark Egg Hunt, check out this resource!)
  9. Finding Jesus – “My idea is to have the kids go to different rooms and ask “Is Jesus here?” Have different rooms set up according to what you want to tell. For example: the first room may have some palm leaves on the floor and Bible costume robes thrown on the floor. When asked ‘Is Jesus here?” the volunteers would answer: “He did pass by here. It was incredible! All the people were shouting Hosanna!! He rode in on a donkey as the people honored him by throwing their coats and palm leaves!” Then another room may have been the upper room and someone tell what happened there. Then they go to the Mount of Olives, and one person talks about what happened there and they took him, etc. Finally, they get to the empty tomb: “He isn’t here; HE has risen! And if you really want to find Jesus and don’t know Him, I can tell you how to not only find Him but Know Him. (Lead into the sinners prayer and sharing the gospel) then tell them if they have prayed that – HE is here with us, and will never leave us. Jesus is right here!”
  10. Sense of Holy Week Sensory Experience: Take kids and families on a sensory experience through Jesus’ last days on earth from the Triumphal Entry to the Empty Tomb. Using their five senses, kids explore items and events leading up to Jesus’ death and resurrection. Set up stations like a hands-on interactive museum through which families can take a self-guided tour. Learn more here
  11. Easter Fair – “We have an Easter Fair. We hold it in our gym. We have jelly bean prayer egg station, cross cookie decorating, station where they make caring cards for people in our local assisted living facilities, Easter story puppet show, Religious Easter crafts, Easter story walk through, Easter picture scavenger hunt, games and a couple inflatables.”
  12. An Easter Photo Scavenger HuntThis free resource from Refocus Ministry leads the whole family through the Easter narrative and invites them to take fun pictures along the way! 
  13. Egg Hunt with a Twist: “We had dads in the field with pool noodles. As the older kids ran to get the eggs the dads tried to tag them with the noodle. If they were tagged they had to drop the egg and run back to the start and run back in. It made the hunt last longer and it was so fun to watch!” 
  14. Twas the Morning of Easter StoryWalk – Based on the book Twas the Morning of Easter by Glenys Nellist, this Easter event creates an interactive walk-through of the Easter story! Find the book here and find details about hosting the event in the accompanying free resources here
  15. Resurrection Breakfast – “We did a Resurrection Breakfast for grandparents and kids that was absolutely fabulous. All the food items had heavenly names. Gabriel came in costume (white tuxedo) to tell the story. We played a bingo game that the prize was an angel food cake. Our teenagers dressed as angels to be the servers. Tables were decorated with white linen tablecloths and twinkling white lights. The script and all the directions are part of Tina Houser’s book on Easter called Easter-rific!
  16. An Easter Escape Room – Kids step back in time as the disciples to figure out what happened to Jesus’ body in the empty tomb. Learn more here
  17. Amazing Race: Holy Week Game – While enjoying a fun Amazing-Race style game to different locations in the story of Holy Week, kids will learn about Jesus’ last week on earth. Kids will be given clues to take them from location to location. In order to receive their clues, they must perform a task (game, activity, review, etc.) at each station. Their race will finally land them at the empty tomb where you can celebrate the fact that He is risen indeed! Learn more here
  18. Journey with Jesus Easter Adventure – A special Easter adventure that invites kids into 5 moments within the Easter story through a station-rotation event where each station includes Bible reading and a hands-on activity. Learn more here

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