Moms are pretty special, and they deserve to be celebrated. But each mom is unique and feels celebrated in a different way. Use some of these ideas and resources to celebrate the moms in your ministry in the way(s) they feel loved the most. Offer a combination of the different ideas to hit all 5 love languages!

Quality time:

  • Pass to a local family museum or fun family outing – Even as something simple as an ice cream coupon so the family can go on an ice cream date with mom!
  • Mother/Son Prayer Journal by Christie Thomas – I don’t have sons, but I bought a copy of this family devotional. Wow, what a resource! What better way to spend quality time together than by studying God’s word as a family? It would make the perfect gift for the boy moms in your ministry!
  • Bible Moms Award Event – Make a night of it and celebrate moms with a special family event that looks at moms in the Bible.

Physical touch:

  • Fuzzy socks –  Let moms cozy up with comfy pair of fuzzy socks.
  • Massage coupon – While it may not be in your budget to gift EVERY mom with a free massage, you could hold a raffle for 1-2 special winners! Ask kids/families to enter their moms for the raffle through mission donations. For example, 1 can for the food bank = 1 ticket in the raffle.
  • Facial mask – Not a pandemic mask, but simple facial sheet masks (like these) make a great gift for moms! It gives them 15 minutes of self-care time and leaves their skin feeling great.


  • Flowers – Nothing beats a simple flower or a small bouquet for mom on Mother’s Day! You could even pair this with a craft like this one from Oriental Trading.
  • Chocolate bar – Let’s be honest. Chocolate is really what moms want. Use this simple printable to make the gift of chocolate extra sweet!
  • Anything made by the kids with love! – Like the Paper Plate Portrait that each child would make while playing this fun Mother’s Day game. It’ll at least give everyone a good laugh.

Words of Affirmation:

  • Mother’s Day Printables – Use simple and fun printables like these to help kids make bookmarks or posters for the special women in their lives.
  • Handwritten card – Invite kids to color their own card or add a nice note to an already-designed card!
  • Coming Friday: An All About My Mom Printable for kids to fill out with details all about their mom!

Acts of Service: 

  • Coupon Book – Help kids be intentional about serving their mom with a coupon book craft like this one.
  • Breakfast in bed – Families will have already eaten breakfast by the time they come to church on Mother’s Day, but what if you offered a “Breakfast in bed” kit for families with pancake mix, syrup, and some fruit for them to make mom breakfast in bed on another day?
  • Cleaning the house – You’d be surprised how many kids don’t know how to sweep the floor or wipe down a table. Take some time on Mother’s Day Sunday to talk about how to do simple chores around the house and even let the kids practice! Turn it into a relay race or a game to make it extra fun, and kids won’t even know they’re doing chores.

Want to play a game full of ideas for Mother’s Day gifts? Check out Crowd Charades: Mother’s Day Gifts! It reverses the classic game of charades to get the entire room involved, and all of the clues are themed around gifts you could give to someone for Mother’s Day!


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