Preschool playdates are the perfect way to help preschool families connect with each other and make memories all at the same time! But life (and plans) with a preschooler can often change quickly and at the last-minute.

So you don’t want to spend a lot of time planning and preparing for an event that ends up with low attendance because Jordan’s nap went long or because Ben had an accident while potty-training.

Here are 6 low-prep Preschool Playdate Ideas that help preschool families connect and grow without using too much of your prep time (and here’s a free printable to help you plan!).

Visit a Local Theatre – Your local theatre probably has a children’s series (especially in the summer) with plays, interactive shows, and more for littles, so check to see what a theatre near you offers for live performances for kids, then invite your families to join you at the kid-friendly show of your choice.

Fire Station Tour – Preschoolers LOVE this one! Set up a tour and demonstration at a nearby fire station. They’re usually free, and kids get to learn about fire safety while also having fun! Plus, sometimes they let you sit in the fire truck – who doesn’t want to do that?!

Brown Bag Fall Hunt – Meet families at a local park with brown paper bags and list of fall items. Preschool parents have the chance to connect with you and with each other, and their preschoolers have a blast exploring God’s creation and creativity in the fall. Learn more about hosting your own Brown Bag Fall Hunt here.

Picnic in the Park – An even simpler version of the Brown Bag fall hunt. Find a local playground and let your families know you’ll be there one Saturday morning until just after lunch. Invite them to meet you there and bring a lunch for playtime and a picnic! Bonus tip: Bring some popsicles for everyone!

Local Library Tour – Most local libraries have special storytimes for littles, and if you schedule a tour of the library right before that time, it makes a simple, no-prep preschool playdate! Kids learn how to check out books and hear a fun story, and all you had to do was show up.

Craft Day – Got extra crafts laying around from VBS or Sunday morning? Bring them all out for a preschool craft day and host it at the church for families with preschool-age kids. You get to use up some old crafts that are just sitting around taking up space, and preschoolers get to work on their dexterity and creativity!

What about you? What are some of your favorite low-prep Preschool Playdates the families in your ministry have loved? Here’s a Preschool Playdate Planning Checklist to help you plan your events with ease, and check out the two resources below for even more Preschool Playdate ideas!

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