Making back to school survival kits are the perfect opportunity for you to connect with the families in your ministry as they head back to school. With so much uncertainty and diversity in back-to-school plans, a Back to School Survival Kit can be a great opportunity to provide families with simple ways to connect with God and each other!

The point of the survival kit is to provide families with items they’ll need to “survive” the school year. You can include a spiritual element like the freebie calendar we’ll share on Friday, August 21, this Back to School Prayer Journal for Kids, or this full Back to School Survival Kit that includes a family devotional and the list of ideas below. But you can also include physical items that offer practical help and encouragement. Here are some ideas for packing and distributing your Back to School Survival Kits!

What do I pack the Back to School Survival Kits in?

How do I distribute the Back to School Survival Kits?

  • Drive-By: Have families drive by your church to pick up their kit. We made our drive-through event a drive-through food drive (details coming soon) and we are so excited to connect with our families AND give them an opportunity to serve the community!
  • Drop-Off: Do a dropoff to their doorsteps! This allows for social distancing measures to be in place but to get a quick glimpse of the kids you serve! If you have too many kids to do this yourself, this is a great task to delegate to some of your volunteers and small group leaders.
  • Sunday Distribution: If your church is back to meeting together on Sundays, you could distribute these kits to families as they leave your Sunday service.
  • Pro Tip: Have families register in advance to receive a Survival Kit so you know exactly how many you’ll need.

Consider including at least one item (budget permitting) from each of the following categories:

1) School Supplies (Check your local school supply lists too!)

2) School Snacks

3) Parent Pick-Me Up
Parents are going to need lots of help to get through this school year too! Let them know you’re thinking about them by including one of the following items with a little note that says: “We want to help you survive too Mom/Dad/Grown-ups!”:

  • Free Coffee Voucher (Check with local coffee shops or chains – sometimes they’ll give these out for free to non-profits!)
  • Coffee Gift Card
  • Chocolate Bar
  • Individually Packaged Tea Bags (Fun flavors are a bonus!)
  • Cheap Reusable Travel Mug (add your church or ministry logo!)
  • Handwritten Card
  • Sanitizing Wipes or Hand Sanitizer (You know they’re going to be using it!)

Most of these ideas come from our Back to School Survival Kit, which includes full details on putting together a kit for your families as they head back to school. This Back to School Survival Kit includes a devotional & calendar, as well as the guidance you need to help families survive the uncertainty of the school year ahead! Download the full resource here.


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