I don’t have to tell you how big Easter is in the kidmin world. Egg hunts, family events, Holy Week services, and more, and that doesn’t even include preparation for Easter Sunday! You and I both know you can’t pull off this busy season without your awesome team of volunteers, so use this quick and easy printable to remind them you’re glad they’re one of your peeps.

1) Buy Peeps during the Easter season (buy them after Easter for major discounts).

2) Print the following pages on either colored paper or Avery 5164 Shipping Labels (be sure to follow the printing instructions on the download for optimal alignment on labels).

3) Stick the labels onto your Peeps or tie the labels on with a ribbon! (To make each package of Peeps go even further, divide each package into plastic bags and staple the printable to the bags!)

4) Hand out these Easter gifts to your regular volunteers or as a special treat for those who helped you pull off your big Easter event.

5) Give yourself a high five for making your volunteers feel appreciated for their time and energy this Easter.

Happy Easter!

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Want to thank your volunteers via social media? Download the full resource to gain access to the “Thanks for being one of my Peeps” social media graphics too!

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