Next week (September 23) marks the first official day of fall, so we’re getting in the autumnal spirit by sharing some of our favorite fall resources! Check ’em out!

Not So Spooky – A Fall Fest Style Lesson on Fear: Whether you host a fall festival or a trunk-or-treat carnival, Not So Spooky is the perfect lesson for you! It teaches on Isaiah 41:10 (NIrV) and reminds kids that we don’t have to be afraid because God is with us. It uses either a carnival, fall-fest style schedule or a normal large group/small group style schedule. This single lesson provides 100+ minutes of large-group and small group activities for kids to enjoy, including a costume contest, worship response time, pumpkin decorating craft, and more. Use it on a Sunday morning, for your mid-week programming, or as a special event all its own.

Fall Family Night: Reach out to families in your church and community this fall by hosting a FUN fall family night! This Fall Family Night Event Package will help you host a great event that will engage families from your church and your community.  Families will enjoy three key components – food (because what great event doesn’t have food?), family connection time, & games! This event would make a great fall kickoff, Halloween alternative or fall festival.

S’more S’more Prayer Event: The S’more Prayer Event is a prayer station event for kids or families that includes making and eating s’mores while learning more about prayer. Participants visit four s’more-themed stations: Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving, and Supplication. At each station, kids or families engage in creative prayer activities, then they enjoy a time of fellowship while making and eating s’mores.

Reverse Trick-or-Treating: In this Fall outreach event, instead of going door-to-door asking for candy, families from your church will go door-to-door and hand out candy and collect donations for a local charity of your choice! This event is truly LOW-PREP and LOW-SUPPLY. It will help your church people get outside the church walls together to have fun and serve your community. This event would make a great Halloween-alternative and can be done before, on, or after Halloween.

Fall Crew Card Designs Freebie: This freebie is 4 seasonal Crew Cards. For 2 of the designs, there is enough space to add a small note or a sticker of your logo. It also comes with a free blank slide for any of your fall seasonal needs.

Preschool Playdate – Brown Bag Fall Hunt: Here’s an idea for hosting an easy, fall Preschool Playdate at your local park! Preschool parents have the chance to connect with you and with each other, and their preschoolers have a blast exploring God’s creation and creativity in the fall. Win-win! All you need are some brown lunch bags and this download to pull off this event.

Sweet Thoughts Candy Devotions for Kids: Though not specifically fall-themed, with all the candy kids are about to get, this resource is a fun addition! Each devotion has a candy, main verse, devotional thought, and prayer starter. Matching verse/application cards accompany each devotion so kids can memorize the verse and complete a hands-on action to put the Scripture into practice.

Happy Fall, Y'all!

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