socially distanced greetings for kids

I know you LOVE seeing your kids walk through your doors on Sunday mornings, and even though masks make it harder for them to see your big smile (and you theirs), here are some fun, safe, socially-distanced ways you can greet your kids each Sunday.

  • Wave – A classic.
  • Double wave – Taking the classic up a notch.
  • Air five – Just like a regular high five, but without actually touching. Can be done from 6 ft apart or even across the lobby.
  • Air fist bump – Just like an air high five, but with a fist bump instead.
  • Air hug – stretch your arms out and around the air in front of you, pretending to hug the child from across the lobby.
  • Elbow bump – OK, so this one requires you getting closer than 6 ft apart, BUT it still helps prevent the spread of germs since your hands don’t come in contact! Simply stick out your elbow and (gently) bump it with the child’s elbow.
  • Foot bump – This one requires a little balance and getting closer to the child, but you each lift your left or right foot, then tap them to the other person’s foot.
  • “I love you” sign – Hold up your pointer finger, pinky, and thumb, then wave your hand in this position to say “I love you” in sign language!
  • Heart hands – Bring your hands together to make a heart.
  • Curtsy – Channel your inner princess and give a cute curtsy as you welcome the family – little girls love this one!
  • Bow – Bend forward from the waist and bow to the children. This greeting is common in a variety of cultures worldwide.
  • Thumbs up – Give a thumbs up to communicate your excitement to see kids.
  • Sparkly fingers – A variation of jazz hands, where the fingers wiggle and the hands stay still.
  • Salute – Give kids a salute as they come in.
  • Peace sign – Throw up a peace sign to say hello (or goodbye)!

You can use these greetings as kids check in on Sunday mornings, and you can encourage kids to do these with their friends at church too! Since social interaction has become limited during the pandemic, help kids practice their social skills using these safe greetings. At the start of your Sunday morning, encourage kids to turn to a neighbor or a friend sitting nearby, choose a greeting, and say hello! (And if you want to turn it into a game, give this one a try! It’s on sale through Valentine’s Day 2021.)

Personally, I’m partial to the double wave and the air five. What about you?

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