Welcome to the new year! January and the start of a new calendar year is always a time for reflection, dreaming, goal-setting, and looking ahead to what God has in store. Unfortunately, two-thirds of people will abandon their goals and resolutions by the end of the month. But that doesn’t have to be you!

If there’s 1 thing that will help you stick to your goals, it’s this: accountability. But not just accountability from your boss, spouse, or even a friend. What if you could have intentional accountability with a group of like-minded leaders in a setting that fostered encouragement, laughter, growth, and deep relationships? 

Enter: Leadership Circles with Joy Canupp. I’ve been part of a Leadership Circle with Joy in the past, and it’s not only a space for encouragement but also for practical steps that help me move forward in whatever goals I’m pursuing. Joy has helped me process decisions about everything from ministry to easy dinner recipes to work-from-home mom life. This mastermind-group-type opportunity offers a safe place for asking questions, sharing struggles, and discovering practical solutions to life’s (and ministry’s) challenges.

Part of the Leadership Circle includes a “Center of Circle” moment for each participant. This is a dedicated time when 1 person in the circle brings a challenge, obstacle, or specific goal to the group for ideas, encouragement, and accountability. I was super intimidated by this time at first, but time and time again, it proved to be a valuable time for me to gain perspective and find resolutions that helped me take steps toward a goal. I even got to the point where I wished I could be the center of the circle each time! 🙂

I also learned a lot of tools and ideas that helped me move forward as a leader. In a Leadership Circle, you’ll learn more about important leadership tools like:

  • Brain dumps (I shared about brain dumps here)
  • VIP Meeting (Deeper KidMin subscribers can access a free copy of a VIP Meeting Planning Guide here!)
  • Time-blocking & other time management tips
  • Creativity-starters
  • Leading yourself well
  • Goal-setting (And check out our Ministry Goal-Setting Guide here)

Your ministry is too important NOT to keep your goals and invest in your leadership growth, and you don’t have to do it alone. Set yourself up for success and run this race with like-minded leaders who will cheer you on along the way. Learn more about Leadership Circles and how you can join one here.

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