I’m a schedule-and-routine person through and through. I like my calendar and my daily task lists, and the predictability of a schedule brings my head comfort and my heart joy. But as we head into the Lenten season, I’ve been pondering this question:

What would my schedule look like if God were in charge of it?

I’d probably spend less time scrolling social media. I bet I’d spend more time resting and even sleeping. I’d probably spend more time investing in intentional relationships with others. I’d definitely spend more time in prayer and the Word.

When I shift my view of my schedule from something all mine to control to an offering to sacrifice to God, how I spend my time shifts dramatically. Interruptions in my day become divine appointments that God just didn’t put on my calendar. Quiet times and studying the Word become the epicenter of my day rather than another task to complete. My work and ministry become an overflow of Sabbath rest and an intimate relationship with a Heavenly Father who loves me for me and not what I do.

Lent is typically a season of intentional changes that allow us to refocus our hearts (and yes, our schedules) on God through three spiritual practices: prayer, fasting, and giving to those in need. During the 40 days of Lent, we can reflect on our lives, make small sacrifices that recenter our hearts and minds on God, and perform acts of charity. Each spiritual practice prepares us for the somber reality of Christ’s sacrifice on the cross and the joyful celebration of Christ’s resurrection on Easter Sunday.

As we head into the Lenten season, let’s consider what our schedules would look like if God were in charge of them. Would you join me in sacrificing our schedules to God for these next 40 days, offering our time to God to do what He wants in and through us? While we may enjoy having the control of our schedules, I’d bet releasing that control brings more freedom and joy than we can imagine.

And if you want to help families refocus their hearts and minds on God this Lent season, check out some of our favorite family Lent resources below.

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