By July, parents are often ready for school to start again, just so their kids have something to do. Well fear not! Use this template for a July Bucket List to Beat the Boredom and help families finish off the summer with a bang!

This bucket list works for my home town, but you can customize it for your own area, highlighting cheap or free activities already going on in your community. Pick a few of these free events, then encourage families to attend and meet you there. This gives you a month off from planning and organizing events but lets you still enjoy special events with the families in your ministry. Plus this lets you focus on volunteer training and the start of the new school year. It’s efficient AND it’s fun!

How many of these activities can YOU complete before July is over?

  • Float down a river
  • Spend a day at a Lake Lanier beach (just pay to park!)
  • Make your own playdough
  • Picnic at the park
  • Microwave s’mores
  • Build a fort in the living room
  • See some fireworks! (July 3, E.E. Robinson Park)
  • Learn about baptism
  • Watch a parade! (July 4, Downtown Braselton)
  • Join the summer reading challenge at the local library & earn some cool prizes! (Gwinnett County Details or Hall County Details)
  • Go star gazing
  • Kids cook dinner (for others or for your family!)
  • Do a cool science experiment
  • Movie Night (with your family or out on the town: Star Wars: The Last Jedi on July 14 in downtown Braselton or CoCo on July 21 at Suwanee Town Center Park)
  • Family Fun Night
  • Invite a friend to church on Sunday
  • Go swimming at the pool
  • Play in the rain (just make sure there’s no thunder!)
  • Learn a new memory verse
  • Go on a hike
  • Backyard tent camping
  • Donate old clothes/toys to a local co-op
  • Go see a play (Aladdin Jr. Broadway Show on July 27 in Suwanee Town Center)
  • Watch a sunrise
  • Watch a sunset
  • Unplug for one full day (no TV, cell phones, etc. – this means you too, mom and dad!)
  • Learn about one of your church’s mission partners & come up with a plan to help them
  • Paint rocks
  • Visit a museum just for kids
  • Mail a letter to someone special
  • Put on a talent show for your parents
  • Eat popsicles for breakfast
  • Paper Airplane Race
  • _______________________________________ (add your own!)
  • _______________________________________ (add your own!)

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