I’m always looking for new resources teaching kids about prayer, so I was pumped to stumble across a brand-new guided prayer journal for kids: Pray Like This.

Pray Like This walks kids through a daily time of prayer that includes a portion of the Lord’s Prayer, Scripture, a short explanation, a prayer prompt, and space to journal/write/draw in response to the day’s idea. In the intro, it encourages kids to make this journal their own, giving them the freedom to doodle, underline, draw, or color in the book to their heart’s content.

Throughout the journal, kids have the chance to break down the Lord’s prayer, learn what each piece of the prayer really means, and pray about ways they can apply the prayer in their own lives. Kids can use Pray Like This to journal through the Lord’s prayer, learn how to pray, have lots of fun, and grow closer to God all at the same time.

One of my favorite parts is that it comes with a parent guide you (or parents) can download directly from the author’s blog. What a great way to equip parents to help their kids learn to pray (and probably learn something about prayer for themselves).

Using a prayer journal like this one helps kids get into the habit of spending time with God daily, and it could even help parents have quiet times of their own as kids work in their prayer journal. If you’re looking for a way to equip parents to teach kids about prayer and develop a daily prayer time, look no further! I see this guided prayer journal working well for the summertime, as part of a small group study, as a gift to go along with their Bible or when they make a salvation decision, to supplement your series on prayer, and so many other situations!

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