We make bucket lists for lots of things – summertime, our lives, a particular season. But have you ever made a bucket list for your children’s ministry? As you head into back-to-school season and plan out the school year ahead, what hopes, dreams, and goals do you have for your ministry?

Take some time this week to pray and brainstorm a bucket list or a dreams list for your children’s ministry this school year. What do you want to see happen? What do you hope God does in and through your ministry? As you list ideas, defer judgment until later and just go for quantity. Challenge yourself to come with a bucket list of 100  different things. Don’t get bogged down yet in the logistics and budget restraints. Just let yourself dream and brainstorm without restriction, criticism, or critique. You might even want to do the first part of a brain dump! As you pray and let yourself dream, you might be surprised what God places in your heart and mind for the year ahead!

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

And as you’re planning out your ministry year and start narrowing down your options, check out our calendar planning checklist to help you create a balanced and effective ministry calendar!

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